How do I become a member?

Becoming a member is as simple as paying our monthly or yearly membership rate. Membership entitles you to sweet bonuses like discounts on all workshops, one-on-one guidance from our artists, free entry to all our Pints & Prints and brunch events. All classes also come with 30 days of free membership!

Can I print 100 copies of my chapbook and sell it to whoever I want and not give you any money? What if I’m a member?

The SPPC is here to empower you and thus does NOT take any sort of royalties. You will, however, be responsible for any materials/ink/paper fees related to your project. This includes members.

Can I use the shop to do my thing for a day? / Can you help me with this gift idea?

Yes! Feel free to talk to us about your project and we’ll hook you up with a Project Pass, which includes some oversight from one of our artists.

How do I sign up for a class?

Follow us on Facebook and check our website, then follow the pertinent Eventbrite link to reserve your spot. All classes are first-com first-served and have limited seats. Some spots may be held for day-of walk-ins, but don’t count on it!

Do you do shirts?

Nope, paper only, buddy. You can ask our friends next door at Ammonite Ink, though.

Screen Printing

Can I mix custom ink colors?

We prefer that members use available inks rather than mix new colors in order to keep our inks manageable. You are welcome to bring your own inks to use.

Can I print on t-shirts?

We are not equipped to do garment printing. Our focus is on printing flatstock like prints and posters.

Can I use custom papers?

You are welcome to bring in your own paper to print on, however it should be a flat, smooth type without any texture or anything that will impede the ink from laying on the paper properly.


Can you print/bind this thing for me?

Do you publish manuscripts?

Don’t miss out. Subscribe today. 


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